“I’d love to eat more healthily but it’s just too expensive”

“I’d love to eat more healthily but it’s just too expensive” I hear this a lot and, every time I do, I have to bite my tongue because honestly this is total rubbish!

Eating healthily doesn’t mean buying only trendy, expensive, artisan products from posh health food stores.

Your local supermarket has everything you need to create delicious, wholesome and healthy meals that don’t break the bank.

In fact, have you noticed that all of the UK supermarkets seem to be trying to out-do each other on who can sell the cheapest vegetables and fruits?

This week in my local Tesco the root vegetable medley pack that included an onion, a parsnip, 4 carrots and a whole swede was on offer at 75p.

All of this for just 75p! I know it’s crazy, right? And it’s only £1 for all of this even at full price.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for a bargain so I grabbed a pack and set about thinking what I could make with it.

Butter bean and vegetable stew was the answer.

To my bargainous veg pack I added some celery, garlic, butter beans, herbs, stock and black pepper.

You can make this kind of stew with all kinds of veg – celeriac, butternut squash and turnips also work really well and kale is a good call too. So look out for bargains and make the most of them.

Oh and if you have tomatoes in the fridge that need using up they make a great addition and introduce a pop of colour too.

My impromptu version made 6 good sized portions of stew and whilst that was cooking I also boiled up all of my trimmings with some herbs and black peppercorns to make a batch of vegetable stock.


The total cost of all the ingredients was well under £3 so that’s less than 50p per portion.

But how can that be? Healthy eating is expensive, isn’t it?

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