Sprinkle, sprinkle and sprinkle some more

Sprinkling seeds onto your food can really ramp up the nutrient levels in your meal.

Seeds are tiny powerhouses of nutrition. It makes sense when you think about it, they have everything they need, with the exception of water and light, to burst into life and grow.

Different seeds have different specific nutritional values some are higher in calcium and others have more zinc but all seeds are packed full of goodness which makes them a fantastic way to boost your nutrient levels.

Eating a few different types of seeds will help you to get a great variety of different nutrients so why not make up a seed mix and store it in a small glass jar. It’ll be ready to sprinkle anytime you need it and you won’t have to keep opening all of the individual packs or jars each time.

You can even take your seeds with you when you’re out and about to add to meals or for a nutrient boost during the day.

This super seed sprinkle combines four different seeds

Super 4 seed sprinkle

Makes 100g

40g pumpkin seeds

30g sunflower seeds

20g flaxseeds

10g black sesame seeds *

Put the seeds into a bowl or jar and give them a good stir or shake and you’re ready to enjoy them.

This combination works well and gives a nice mix of the different seeds. This is just a guide, you could change the ratios to suit your own preference.

So now you’ve got your seed mix what will you do with it?

Start sprinkling extra goodness onto your food of course.

They’re great on porridge in the morning, salads at lunchtime or even sprinkled onto soups and stews in the evening.

You can even add seeds to cookies and desserts for extra crunch.

*I like to use black sesame seeds for the colour but regular sesame seeds work just as well if you can get the black ones.

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